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Car shipping to Tanzania

Car shipping to Tanzania can be a complicated process unless one familiarizes oneself with the rules and regulations. The primary port to which cars are shipped in Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. It is the largest and most important city along the central shoreline of Tanzania and is located about 50 kilometres southwest of Zanzibar. Other ports to which cars be shipped are Lindi, Tabora, Dodoma and Kigoma.

As with other countries in Africa, car shipping to Tanzania requires several documents. The most important one is a valid passport of the owner of the vehicle and either a Residence Visa or permit, an Immigration Permit or a Work Permit showing that the owner is able to take up residence in the country. The owner of the vehicle needs to fill out a custom's declaration and must be in the country prior to the car shipping to Tanzania. The owner should make arrangements such that the car does not arrive any later than six months after they do. In addition, the owner should be made aware that any vehicle shipped to Tanzania could be partially inspected upon arrival so it is in the best interest of the owner to be at the port during the inspection process.

All new cars shipped to Tanzania are subject to taxes and duties. So that the value of the car can be determined, the owner of the car needs to show the original bill of sale and registration of the car and then declare the current value of the vehicle.

Cars can be shipped to Tanzania by either the Roll On/Roll Off method or by a container. The former is less expensive as cars share a deck or several decks but are completely strapped down. A container provides for more individualized enclosure of the vehicles and enables personal possessions to be shipped in the container in addition to the vehicle.