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Car shipping to Kenya

As with many other countries in Africa, there are certain regulations that are specific to Kenya if one is planning on car shipping to Kenya. The primary port to which cars are shipped in Kenya is Mombasa and is the only one that can handle such shipments. There are several documents that need to be presented at the port in order for a document to be cleared and include a bill of lading, a vehicle registration document or V5 and CIF invoice. CIF stands for cost, insurance and freight and is a total that is used as the basis for the duty that is charged to the owner of the car for shipping it.

There are also requirements of the car itself that is involved in car shipping to Kenya. Only those cars that have a manufacture date of less than eight years from the date of shipment can be imported into the country. Cars also need to have a right-hand drive, so those that are shipped from the United Kingdom need no modification in their design. Cars also need to be inspected by a Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre or JEVIC, which inspects vehicles prior to shipment to ensure they are safe to drive and free of structural damage. The owner of any car shipped to Kenya has to have the proper insurance for driving the car in the country.

One of the more popular ways of car shipping to Kenya is by means of roll on/roll off, more commonly referred to as Ro/Ro. Large ships are used for the transportation of cars, which are securely strapped down inside the vessel to prevent any movement of the cars while in transit. Special docks are also required for this method, but they do not need any additional equipment, which can add to the cost of shipment for the loading and unloading process.