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When considering whether to use Roll on Roll off (RORO) shipping or container shipping, one needs to consider a few factors.
The most important factor to consider is the age of the vehicle. As a general rule, we usually recommend that cars under the age of 5 years old be shipped in a container. This is due to the fact that they are bound to be more expensive and therefore one stands to lose more if they were to be damaged during transit.

RoRo method of shipping is completely safe however, because the cars are on the open decks, they are prone to damage from certain elements such as weather, salty water and human damage.

Another factor to consider when deciding which method to use is the price / cost of shipping. This is a particularly important factor especially during such hard times when everyone is a bit strapped for cash. RORO method of shipping can prove to be a very cheap and affordable method of shipping. This is because the vehicle is simply driven into the deck / under the deck for shipping and out of the vessel on arrival. The time and money saved by the shippers for not having to load and unload the vehicles into containers is later passed on to the consumer in terms of low prices /shipping rates.

For those wishing to ship larger vehicles e.g. trucks, trailers and tractors, one might discover that RORO method of shipping makes it quite affordable and convenient. The truck or trailer will simply be driven onto the vessel and strapped securely to avoid any movement. The rate one pays will be solely determined by how much space the Truck / trailer takes on board the vessel.

We arrange container and RORO shipping of all types of cargo to Kenya,South Africa, Cyprus,Tanzania & Australia, and can supply containers to suit special requirements.