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Car shipping to South Africa

If one is planning on car shipping to South Africa, then there are specific requirements that need to be met. The first of these, and probably the most important, is documents. These include an import permit for which an application needs to be made prior to the car's importation into the country and a Letter of Authority from the South African Bureau of Standards along with R 1800 or 135 British pounds that needs to be presented to customs at the time the car is cleared for entry into the country. The owner of the vehicle is required to be in South Africa at least ten days before it arrives in the country so as to expedite the process of clearing customs.

Additional documents required for car shipping to South Africa include the original purchase invoice that shows that the car has been in the use and possession by the owner for more than a year outside South Africa and papers showing that it is properly insured. The customs form DA 304/A also should be completed.

There are additional rules regarding car shipping to South Africa. Cars need to meet the compulsory vehicle specifications and regulations regarding road traffic in South Africa. For example, left-hand drive vehicles that were purchased as either new or used vehicles after January 2000 are not allowed into the country.

Duties and taxes also need to paid on the vehicle being imported into the country, but a vehicle can be exempt from these duties if it has been in possession of the owner for one year prior to its being shipped into the country and will not be sold in the country for two years after the dated of importation. This applies to those who are newly emigrating to South Africa but not to residents who may leave the country even for several years on a non-permanent basis.